Home Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

Does Your Las Vegas Home Insurance Cover Appliances?

Your home insurance policy protects the buildings and your personal property from fire, vandalism, and natural disasters. The personal property includes the home appliances, such as the dryer, refrigerator, heater, air-conditioner, or electric cooker.

As the home insurance enables you to get compensation in case of destruction at your home or personal property, you must always ensure that the insurer has an up-to-date inventory of all your household items. If there is destruction to your home, the home insurance agent can use the home inventory to settle the client’s claims faster.

What Risks does my Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance typically covers four risk categories:

The Physical Structure: The home insurer will consider your dwelling place as covered property.

Supplementary Structures: The structures that stand separate from your main house such as the garage or tool shed is a part of the home insurance.

Personal Property: Furniture, electrical appliances, and clothing have limited coverage, but personal property, such as jewelry, money, or firearms may have no coverage.

Loss of Use: Your insurance company or broker will provide compensation when a natural disaster occurs. Your home may become inhabitable after a fire outbreak, hurricane, or water damage. The insurer can provide compensation for the additional living expenses.

A Home Warranty for Home Appliances

To ensure that you can always get reimbursement when your appliances have functional problems or loss of appliances, you need to ask your home insurance company or home insurance broker for a home warranty cover. The typical Las Vegas home warranty is not an insurance policy, but a maintenance contract for your home appliances.

The home warranty is an expanded home insurance for appliances in your home. When you lose the household items or have appliances destroyed in catastrophes, your home warranty will pay for the appliances repair costs.

The home insurance policy will cover some of the risks affecting your home:

• The insurer may not cover normal wear and tear of appliances as all electrical products will stop working at some point. The Las Vegas insurance company should sell you a home protection or a warranty plan instead.

• If there is lightning damage to appliances, you can prove lightning damage and claim compensation.

• A surge in electric power may not qualify for compensation as the insurer considers it an accident.