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What Is An Independent Insurance Agent?

Independent insurance agents have been around from as early as 1896. In the earlier days, the insurance companies did not use to sell the insurance directly to the public. Instead, they used to hire agents who could sell their products to the consumers on their behalf. These agents had to have professional licenses, so that, they could directly deal with the consumers. They were used to get commissions from the companies for carrying out the tasks.

Presently, insurances are sold to the public through three different means, i.e., independent agents, captive agents and through the internet.

The independent agents can even act as the legal representative of the customers to the insurance company. These agents are licensed by the state and are responsible for playing the role of the client’s advocate. They are supposed to put the client’s interest above their own or the insurance company’s interests.

Benefits of choosing a personal insurance agent

There are several advantages of choosing a personal insurance agent over buying it from a captive agent or the internet.

1. Can access to multiple insurance companies

The independent agents have access to multiple insurance companies and get to check different companies’ rates. Thus, if a customer shop from them, he is most likely to get the best quotes for himself and his family. It will also help to save him a lot of time, as he will have to provide his details only once. Moreover, if the customers build a good relationship with his agent, he will be able to derive the advantage of getting more options from him. When the existing rate is increasing, the agent will always try to find a better rate for his customer.

2. Personalized customer service

One of the major benefits of buying insurance from an independent agent is to get the personalized customer service. In certain situations, these agents even help their customers in filing their claim with the insurance company. A good agent, who is knowledgeable and proactive, can also provide quality advice to the customers before filing a claim.

3. One-stop shop

The independent insurance agents usually act as a one-stop shop. The agent, who sells a life insurance, is also likely to sell other products like, health, car, homeowners and renter insurance. Thus, a customer can get all his insurances from one source, which can save his time.

4. Easier to understand insurance matters

If a person is investing in insurance, he will require to understand the subject clearly. It is a complicated subject, and the independent agent who understands the subject properly, will be able to communicate it to his clients. It has been often found that, the customers get benefitted by having someone who can explain the contract to them. If there are any hidden surprises in the contract, the licensed agent is most likely to know where they can be. Thus, they can save the customers from getting into trouble.

Specially, if a person moves from one city to another, it is most likely that things work in a little different way in the new city. Thus, independent agents can prove to be highly helpful in such situations.

The insurance policies and their terms and conditions are also found to vary from company to company, even within the same state. Customers often get “manuscript” policy forms in many of the companies. These forms do not always contain the industry-standard wordings. They may not even follow the standard provisions. Thus, only an expert in the field who is well aware of the policy’s traits can help out the customers.

5. The agent is meant to represent the customer

Even though an independent agent receives commission from an insurance company, he does not get a salary. Thus, technically, he is not an employee of the company. In fact, the customer is his actual boss. Since, the agent is not employed by any one particular company, a customer can expect an unbiased advice from him.

A good insurance agent will always keep a track on the changing rates of all the companies. So, whenever, he learns that a company’s rate is going to increase, he will start to look for better options, before the hike takes place.

Choosing the right personal insurance agent

Usually, people look for a long term relationship with his insurance agent. Thus, one requires to be careful while choosing his agent, so that, they can be trusted in the long run.

Identifying an independent insurance agent: In order to identify, an independent agent, it is essential to differentiate them from the other agents. A direct insurance company sells directly to customers without any agent. The captive agents represent only one insurance company and sell only their products. An independent insurance agent usually represents a number of companies and gets to compare the prices and quotes of different companies. Thus, they are called independent.

Get references: Best way to choose an agent is by getting referrals from family or friends. This, helps a person to easily collect all sorts of essential information about the agent.

Visit websites: An alternative way of choosing an independent agent is to look at the websites of different agencies. One can expect to find all the information, including the agents’ history, bios and even the reviews of their old customers. The websites can give an overall idea about the personality of the agents. It is also important to check if the website provides all essential information about the insurance, easy access to price quotes and the types of customer services that are offered by them.

Interview the agents: In order to know if the agents have the required knowledge in the field, it is important to interview them. It is not possible to understand their level of knowledge and their trustworthiness in one day, as it can only be established over time. However, one can at least have some idea, by asking him to explain the products that he sells and on what basis he recommends the products to his customers.

If a good agent is chosen, he can really prove to be helpful. There are thousands of independent agencies that sell the products on behalf of different insurance companies. It is advisable to invest a little time to choose an independent insurance agent, as it might pay off well in the long run.

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